Welcome to Keeper, a fansite dedicated to Sonezaki Masaki (otherwise known as Bill) of the hit monster tamer franchise, Pokémon. As both a researcher and inventor, Bill's scientific brilliance has made him a vital part of the Pokémon universe. The only problem? He seems to prefer hiding in the background as either a one-shot character or side character, depending on the canon.

Because of that, this site is dedicated to offering up resources to help the average fan piece Bill's character together, to give new insight on a character usually passed over for the main cast, and to be a general dedication to a character who's fascinated me since the RBY era. Considering the fact that the Pokémon universe tends to be diverse to the point where it's impossible to have them overlap, this might be a challenge, but don't worry, reader. I'll be around to help piece things together as best as I can.

So, I hope you enjoy your stay here. To get started, please click on one of the buttons above this wall of text.

Last Updated: December 31, 2012
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