Keeper is currently looking for submissions of fanwork! If you're a Bill fan interested in showcasing your work on Keeper, read the following carefully to see how to do it.

This site is currently accepting...
1. Fanfiction of any length and any rating. (See rules for further details.)
2. Fanart. (Ditto.)
3. Fan-made graphics, including icons, wallpapers, banners, et cetera.
4. Fan-created essays (your headcanon, speculation, et cetera).

The rules...
1. Obviously, because this is a Bill fansite, we can only accept material about him. If you're interested in submitting anything else, we can recommend trying's forums, however.
2. All fanfiction and essays should be saved to a document that can be opened by OpenOffice. (This includes the following formats: DOC, DOCX, TXT, HTML, ODT.) Please do not send us a link to another website.
3. All fanart and graphics should be saved in one of the following formats: JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP. They should not exceed 2 MB.
4. Any fanfiction and fanart that would be rated R or higher or that contains content that might not agree with everyone (yaoi, mature themes, et cetera) should have warnings included in the warning field. Please also warn for anything that might trigger readers (e.g., abuse or suicide references).
5. Although we can accept fics that would receive an NC-17 rating, we cannot accept hentai (porn) fanart. Sorry!

The submission form...
To submit, please copy and paste the following form into an e-mail to (Remember to change the AT to @!) Delete the parts in parentheses, fill out the empty fields, upload your work as an attachment, and hit send. We'll go over your stuff, and if it fits the above, it'll be uploaded to Keeper within a few days.

Your name: (What you want us to call you on our site, not what your real name is.)
Type: (Fanart, fanfiction, fan essay, or fan graphic.)
Rating: (See this page for help. Ignore if submitting graphics or essays.)
Genre: (For fanfiction only. We use the same genres as
Warnings: (For fanfiction and fanart. Please list anything that might be questionable for some people.)
Description/Summary: (Short -- four lines max -- description of what you're submitting.)

If you have any questions about this process, feel free to send us a note via the e-mail linked above.