The Intro

pokémon 101: a crash-course in Pokémon.
basics: what his fans will tell you.
roles: the where, when, how, and why of his appearances.
voices: the lovely voices behind the anime.

The Pokémon Researcher

inventions: Bill's claim(s) to fame.
teams: his Pokémon partners.
associates: his colleagues and fans.
famechecker: his fame checker entries and where to find them.

The Man

names: Even Bill's not safe from Pokémon's punny names.
backstory: as complete a character history as canon will allow.
family: a look at the rest of the Sonezaki family.

The Fanon

accents: Osaka-ben, Southern... Queen's English?
romances: shipping list and the game of ship tease.
cheats: Bill's Mountain, Bill's Secret Garden, and the other wacky Gen I things.
mewtwo: the theories behind that Mewtwo on the door.
mythbusted: deconstructing some of Bill's wallbanger moments.

The Everything Else

quotes: insight (or as close to it as possible) from the character himself.
zodiac: bloodtype O, sign Capricorn, what that all means.
the fly: an explanation to why you're probably getting deja vu about Bill's character.