Keeper is the last of a long line of incarnations of the same site. Originally known as *Forgotten*Lights*, the site originally launched on November 23, 2000. The latest version, Keeper, launched ten years later, on November 23, 2010. It's currently run by JX Valentine and is part of the collective.

It was created in Notepad with a combination of XHTML and CSS. All graphics were created in MS Paint and GIMP.


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It started with Anipike.

For those of you who came into the fandom after 2002, The Anime Web Turnpike was the go-to link listing for anime fansites. This was during the peak of Pokémon's popularity, and as such, it had a massive list for Pokémon sites created on everything from personal domains to Geocities and Angelfire. Yours truly had been a dedicated visitor, dropping by at least once a day to check out new links. And then, after doing this for well over a year, one of them caught my eye.

It was a one-page shrine with very little proofreading and frankly not-so-sound webmaster choices (e.g., rainbow text on a black background), but it was modest, had a lot of heart, and most of all centered itself around a character who, at the time, received a lot more hate than anything else. Appropriately called Bill's Shrine (and just that), the site lasted for a few months before fading away into a 404 page, but my curiosity was piqued.

I can't explain why I was fascinated with this character right off the bat because I honestly can't remember the reasons. Something drew me back to that site over and over and over again, and I felt like I needed to know more. Finding information was no easy feat because most people skipped over Bill, if they didn't have him be the butt of a whole list of fandom jokes. So, I eventually decided to start compiling what I knew about him in a website. It was partially to help myself keep track of information and partially to offer a different view towards this character than how most people saw him. That became *Forgotten*Lights* (after a brief stint as a one-page shrine in the Masaki Fanshrines), complete with the first-ever gathering of Bill fans, the MFC.

From its opening to the shrine's move in 2004, I had a lot of fun maintaining it and interacting with other Bill fangirls. The fandom was more laid-back in those years, and webmastering was an exercise in creativity and HTML skill. Not only that, but I had fun tracking down information or receiving donated facts from fans who came out of the woodworks to help out. (*Forgotten*Lights* had made it to Anipike in late 2000, where it received a lot of attention for being one of the few Bill shrines in existence.)

But even more than that, it was fun just getting to know the character. In the years that the site bounced around hosts and changed names, I also spent time tracking down more information about Bill and writing a lot of fanfiction centered around him. I wasn't just feeling some vague fangirl crush the way I was back in 2000. There was simply something about him that set him apart from most other characters in the franchise -- something other than the profession he chose.

A lot of people in the fandom tend to make the mistake that the writers don't give characters much in the way of personalities, but this isn't true, especially for Bill. In every incarnation, he has an obvious sense of intelligence and a proud streak when it comes to his skills. He's confident in who he is and what he's doing, and when he wants to achieve something, he puts forth all he has in order to make it happen. Depending on the version, he can be either intensely loyal or steady as a rock and immensely patient, but either way, he's not the kind of person who, when he sets his mind on something, he never wavers in his decision. On top of it all, he's got a good heart; he's sincere and straightforward in practically everything he feels. (He would, for example, tell off a crowd of people harassing Red in Special, cry at the Clefairy evolution ceremony in Electric Tale, treat the player character like a best friend in the games, and wait for an eternity for Dragonite in the anime.) In short, he's far from a stagnant, one-dimensional character. Rather, he's very human. He makes mistakes, but in the end, he's certain of who he is. With this kind of confidence in mind, he's not afraid of showing other characters what he thinks or feels in any given situation. In other words, I suppose you could say I feel drawn to him because I respect not only his intelligence but also his inner strength.

Thanks to Special, the number of Bill fans out there has grown exponentially since Bill's Shrine disappeared, but its purpose still remains the same. Keeper is a site partially dedicated to my view of Bill, but mostly, it's meant to be a means of presenting as much information as possible to allow you to draw your own conclusions about his character. Shortly put, my aim here is to get you thinking about Bill. In doing so, I hope to share with you, the visitors, new possible views of a frequently overlooked character.